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Littlest Elf
Another texturing job for Nexus Productions. To achieve a 'stop motion look' the characters and set were painted to look like models made from wood, fabric etc, The animation was then baked down to a key on every frame and then every other key duplicated to look like it was animated on two's. Rendering out to 70mm film meant a high level of detail was required. Some examples are shown below.
This wood pecker was painted to look like painted wood with a felt head crown.
Woodpecker (Click to see larger image)
Bear  (Click to see larger image)
Squirrel (Click to see larger image)
A knit texture was painted on the bear taking care for it to go in the right direction. The paw pads were masked out using an alpha channel and assigned a different material.
Fuzzy felt texture for the squirrel with stitch marks!
Fish with silver scales and painted wood.
Fish (Click to see larger image)